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Photo of the X Sport mouthguard cushion layerPhoto of the X Sport mouthguard impact layer
Photo of the X Sport mouthguard protection layer
Photo of the X Sport mouthguard


To create the worlds safest mouthguard to help reduce traumatic brain injuries for athletes.


To become the leading provider of mouthguards for contact sport athletes by providing a higher level of design, quality, materials, and overall safety.

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We believe all athletes should be able to play the sports they love without having to risk their long-term health. We believe technology should empower athletes to have the confidence to push forward knowing they are protected.

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The most science-driven mouthguard ever created

The Problem

There is growing concern regarding traumatic brain injuries due to forceful impact to the head. Athletic mouthguards developed to date have provided some level of protection against sports related dental injuries, however, no significant improvements in protection have been made for decades.

Many of the market leading mouthguards have not been backed by any meaningful science or impact testing data to prove athletic protection.

The Solution

X Sport has designed and developed a mouthguard that addresses all of the concerns of mouthguards being worn by athletes today. The X Sport mouthguard has been formulated with influence from a combination of dental specialists, traumatic brain injury research, universities, and a top Swiss manufacturing and product development team.

Our mouthguard has been designed for maximum protection while not sacrificing athletic performance or comfort. With several intensive impact absorption tests being performed on our mouthguard by Auburn University, scientific data supports our claims of significant improvement in protection for athletes.

who we are

We are a team of dental specialists, advanced material specialists, and product designers who are obsessively focused on elevating athletic protection and performance through science and design.

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X Sport Product
  • 100% custom fit to your mouth using 3D printing technology for precision fit
  • Independently tested for maximum impact absorption compared to other guards on the market
  • Designed by top dental specialists to shield and protect against orofacial and brain trauma
  • 3 layers of protection: absorption layer, protection layer, and cushion layer
  • Highest grade materials that have been independently tested for maximum impact absorption and protection
  • Backed by dental prosthodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, public universities and professional hockey team dentists.
  • Fully customizable to any color, design, graphics to showcase your uniqueness
Photo of the X Sport mouthguard
Photo of the X Sport mouthguard
Photo of the X Sport mouthguard
Two boxers sparring in the boxing ring

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