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Why 3D scanning?

3D scanning is not only the most comfortable option out there, it is also the most accurate. Our mouthguards are designed to fit to your mouth with exact precision. Leveraging technology like 3D scanning is crucial for your mouthguard to fit properly and therefore protect properly.

How do I know which mouthguard is right for me?

Each XSport mouthguard has been designed for a specific athlete in mind. We encourage you to check out each product page to learn more about the benefits of each mouthguard. If you are still not sure which mouthguard is right for you, reach out to us and we'll be happy to help guide you to choosing the right mouthguard for your needs.

Are there team order discounts?

Yes! If you are interested in learning more about our team orders please visit our team orders page.

Why are mouthguards that important?

If you are an athlete, you've likely been familiar with the importance of mouthguards. Protecting your teeth, mouth, jaw and overall orofacial anatomy is extremely important during competition to prevent traumatic injury to those areas. Mouthguards should protect by absorbing any impact that is transferred to or through your face and mouth.

What if I have braces?

We're glad you asked! We've developed a mouthguard specifically for athletes that wear braces called The Orthoguard.

How much do XSport Mouthguards Cost?

We have developed mouthguards at many price points

How long will it take to get my mouthguard?

We do our best to ship all orders within a timely manner. However, shipment time is largely dependent on how quickly we receive a digital impression scan of your teeth. The sooner you are able to get your digital scan done, the quicker we can get your personalized mouthguard to you.

What if I lose my mouthguard?

If you lose your mouthguard please contact us for next steps. Assuming your dental anatomy has not changed since your last order, we can likely use your original digital impression to process a new mouthguard.

Can a mouthguard prevent concussions?

Great question! While all studies on mouthguards and concussions have been inconclusive, we're certainly on a mission to find out. We started XSport to create the safest mouthguards on the planet. To us that includes protecting more than just your mouth and teeth but your brain as well. While we cannot say mouthguards can prevent concussions, we are confident and testing data suggests they absorb impact which could otherwise be felt in the brain if not absorbed.

How long should my mouthguard last?

Our mouthguards were designed and are built to last. Unlike many mouthguards which break down after one season, XSport mouthguards will last many years without any sign of breaking down.

Still have questions?

Don't see your question answered above? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to make sure your questions are answered!